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The Benefit of a Commercial Mortgage | Commercial Mortgages Explained | Commercial Mortgage Advice
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The benefit of a commercial mortgage

Business stability is incredibly important, especially when trying to ensure the long-term future of an organisation. An area that is often overlooked, but which is immensely important, is with the ownership of a commercial property. A business in a rented location has nothing in return for their payments whereas a monthly fee towards the ownership of a property will help to increase the equity of the business.

Of course, taking the decision to purchase a commercial property is the easy step the biggest issue will be finding the right finance option to fund the purchase. It will be very rare for a business to have the funds available to outright purchase a property, instead they will need financial help and the perfect solution is a commercial mortgage.

There are several commercial mortgage options available:

  1. Owner occupied commercial mortgage – used by the business for its day-to-day operations.
  2. Investment commercial mortgage – the financing of a property which is then leased out to business tenants.
  3. Buy-to-let mortgages – a business will purchase residential properties and then let-out to residential tenants.
  4. Mixed-use mortgages – ideal for when the property has both commercial and residential aspects for example a flat above a retail outlet.
  5. Property development mortgages – utilised to finance the construction of commercial and/or residential properties

Once a decision is made on the type of commercial mortgage required the next step is to identify who can help with this. There are again several options available:

  1. High street bank – historically the most popular choice as they can secure the best rates and terms for a business, however the application process and turnaround can be time consuming
  2. Specialist banks – often established to assist with more complex solutions such as commercial mortgages which results in them having more options available.
  3. Finance brokers – independent finance companies who adopt a whole of market approach and can match a business with a specific lender.

Having determined the best commercial mortgage option and the best funding choice the final stage is the application process. The steps are as follows:

  1. Identify the best funding option
  2. Make an offer for the commercial property
  3. Instruct professionals to undertake a valuation
  4. Agree the loan requirements
  5. Source and instruct solicitors to complete the deal 

In conclusion there are broad benefits to purchasing a commercial property but make sure that you source the right mortgage.

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