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Feeling Satisfied That The Tax Return Is Completed | Help Completing Tax Return
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Feeling satisfied that the tax return is completed

The thought of completing tax returns or doing bookkeeping can turn even the most productive of us into professional procrastinators. Anything that can help avoid the task can suddenly seem like the most essential thing on your to do list. Meaning that you can very easily fritter away the most important asset in your business – your time! As the business owner it is vital that you are efficient with your time to maximise the amount that you can achieve in your day.

So, how can you stop putting it off? Make it fun!

Ok, so maybe fun is pushing it but injecting a little bit of light-heartedness into the situation can help make the task seem not so daunting.  Here are some ideas to try, but feel free to create your own handy tips.

Firstly, get yourself ready:

  • Allocate yourself a specific cup that you love for that all important coffee. One that is fun and makes you smile is an added bonus.
  • Use that cup every time you sit down to do your bookkeeping or tax return and only then.
  • Have a special stationery box for the occasion. You can have a fun pen, highlighters, special post it notes and even your Peppa Pig ruler. No judgement, whatever makes it more enjoyable for you.


  • Choose your favourite music to match the mood. Perhaps some classical to calm the mind or some techno to get the blood pumping and the mind working? Find the genre of music that makes you most productive and gives you a lift.
  • Think about what scents calm you. Perhaps a certain candle or air fresher can provide an aroma to provide a tranquil workspace?
  • Another trick that all great procrastinators have up their sleeve is the snack walk. The need to just get a quick snack before your settle down to the task. If you plan ahead and have your snacks to hand, there really is no need to go wandering. Even better, it could be a special treat that you only allow yourself when you do your accounts thus giving you something to look forward to.

In short attaching positive associations to a task that you are not looking forward to can make it seem much more attractive and more likely to get done. Freeing your time up to get on with running your business.

If you have any questions or need some help with your tax return, please call us on 01173 700 079 or e-mail You can also book a free 30 minute call with Yarka –

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