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Claiming VAT on Mileage | Advice on Business Mileage VAT | Help with VAT Claims on Business Mileage
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Claiming VAT on mileage

Those drivers who utilise their own vehicle for work purposes, excluding their normal commute, can claim money back against the approved mileage allowance payment rate (AMAP).

The eligible amount is dependent on several factors which are dictated by HMRC. For example, an employee using a private vehicle such as a van or car for work purposes can claim up to 45p per mile for the first 10,000 miles and 25p per mile after that. The higher 45p rate considers both fuel and wear and tear on your vehicle.

Employers can also claim an additional 5p per mile for each passenger that they take with them on the nominated journey.

In order to make a claim the following information is needed:

  • Date of the trip
  • Full address of tart and end destinations
  • Milage travelled
  • Reason for the journey
  • Any passengers travelling with you (must be employed by the same company)
  • Fuel receipts

As an employer you may only claim the VAT on your employee’s mileage if:

  • The driver is directly employed by you, not contracted or freelance
  • You are paying them milage allowance for utilising their own vehicle for work purposes
  • You can only claim for the fuel part of the allowance
  • The amount you pay is equal to the fuel portion of the claim you make

For the most up to date regulations and advisory fuel rates per mile please refer to the website. Or if you need some accountancy help please call us on 01173 700 079 or e-mail

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