Owner-managed businesses

We understand that owning and managing your own businesses can be incredibly fulfilling and rewarding but also a lot of hard work. The business is an investment, your passion and your livelihood. We help take the burden of accounting and tax compliance away from you, the business owner-manager, to allow you to concentrate on the important issues in your business. We’ve worked with owner-managed businesses for many years and are experts in reducing tax for you and the company.

Our services are built with owner-managed businesses in mind creating a one stop shop for all your accounting and tax needs. Our company compliance package can ensure you meet the deadlines set by HMRC and Companies House. We can explain any accountancy and tax issues your business faces in simple English leaving you informed and happy and not confused and disorientated. We’ll take the time to understand your business and its aims to give you the best possible advice and offer practical solutions on reducing your tax bill.

Knowing that your obligations to Companies House and HMRC are met you can concentrate on growing and building your business. Stepping Stones Accountancy can help here as well offering a business advisory service that will assist you in understanding your business, giving you the right information to make decisions and advising on all areas of the business. It’s a partnership that can truly help you businesses achieve great success.

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